Basketball Coaching
Take to the Basketball court with our unrivalled Basketball Coaching programme! Both our award winning coaches, Alan and Isobelle have experience with coaching basketball in Northumberland and other areas in the UK. Their unique experience of training with the six time world champions, the Chicago Bulls and the Minnesota Timberwolves allows them to offer an unmatched and unique training programme to people of all ages and abilities.
Sports Statistics Course
Take in the sights and sounds of some of the greatest games in sporting history! Learn how to recognise, record and store statistics in this interesting course. Watch and analyse some of the greatest players in the world, whilst learning valuable skills to be used on and off the court, including Mathematics and English.
An introduction to Video Game Design
A very popular choice of activity. Use Mathematics, English, ICT and Graphic design to create your very own Video Game! This highly recommended and unique introduction course will teach young people the basics of creating video games using a simple click and create interface. This course will take participants from a blank canvas to an actual, fully playable gaming creation, the possibilities are endless! Please see attached document for further information.
Introduction to Multimedia Application Development
2012 saw Multimedia Applications come to every single format, from Windows to Apple and Android devices. This activity looks at the 'App' phenomenon and allows students taking part to create two different applications, designed to work for any Windows device (with future updates to port this app to Apple and Android devices).
Students can create anything, from interactive diaries, to photograph viewers, music players, calculators and much more, this creative course allows students taking part to create a useful application using a host of skills including English and Mathematics.
Introduction to Graphic Design
This Introduction to Graphic Design will teach students various methods which are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to become a visual representation of ideas and messages.
The students will first make a simple graphical representation of their own name, then work towards making a short comic page, complete with characters and logos which their designed.
Introduction to Disk Golf!
Disc golf is a flying disc/frisbee game in which individual players and teams throw a flying disc at a target. The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. This is a fun sport which helps improve young peoples Fine and Gross Motor skills.
Mini Golf
Mini Golf is a fun game of skill. We have a specially designed equipment for indoor and outdoor use. Our beautifully crafted course features a synthetic putting course so it’s able to be used all year round.
Mini Golf is a fantastic team building activity, and fun for all ages.
Dodgeball! -
A fun, fast paced, team building game which is loved by all! This activity is made up of a variety of team based games, all of which are designed to build self confidence, concentration and self-esteem in all those taking part.
(Please note, only small soft balls are used)
10 Pin Bowling!
A fantastic game for developing young peoples fine and gross motor skills, whilst helping develop their social skills, with an added topping of basic Mathematics. Fun for young people of all ages.
Angry Birds!
The hit mobile Video Game becomes an addictive activity which develops a number of physical and mental skills. The aim of the game is to throw the Angry Birds into the markers to score points, once mastered it becomes a high speed game of skill.
Tag Rugby
Non-contact version of Rugby, Tag-Rugby becomes a game of skill, speed and communication. Tag rugby is a non-contact, fast-moving game that is suitable for adults or children, and for boys and girls to play together.
Its safe, non-contact nature, combined with the fun and liveliness of the sport, means that tag rugby is a hugely enjoyable game.
Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development
Gross Motor Activities are an essential part of every child’s life. Through play, children should be developing their gross motor skills to prepare them for the demands of school such as handwriting, concentrating, following instructions, sport skills and team work. Staying active through gross motor exercise can also help children avoid the pitfall of obesity that can come through inactivity.
This after school activity uses a number of different sports to help develop all young children’s Fine and Gross Motor Skills in a fun and exciting environment.
Bowls : It's not just for Grannies and Grand dads!
Bowls is a sport for everyone, it is highly challenging and combines not only physical skill but mental strategy. It can be said that the sport can be learnt in minutes and takes a lifetime to master.
A hugely popular activity. Volleyball is a fast paced, exciting sport, designed to be huge on fun! Volleyball is one of the Worlds most loved sports, which is why children are usually drawn to this exciting and challenging activity. It has become one of the most requested activities in schools and community centres because it offers a variety of physical, mental and emotional benefits for children.